Nursery and Daycare

At Colégio Saint Daniel Brottier, children live quality times, which allows them to grow well and happily in a harmonious environment, promoting their development. The Daycare in the place where we support children’s entry into the social world in which they live, exploring and (re)producing authentic social products and processes. The experineces appear in context and with meaning, respecting the interests and rhythms of each child.

CSDB Daycare is based on affection and play, with respect for the individuality of each child, their rhythms, emotions and needs.

With personalized attention to each child and the secure bonds they establish with adults, with the space and new routines, a harmonious environment is promoted in which families are, from the first moment, involved in the adaptation and daily experiences of this stage.

The educational proposal for the Daycare is based on the Pedagogical model of the Modern School Movement, where the child has an active role in discovering and exploring space throughout the day, in a differentiated, provocative and challenging environment. The Pedagogical time is dynamic and the educational context of each room and the outdoor space support discoveries and activities that make sense for each child and the group at each moment. The entire pedagogical dynamic in this area is surrounded by affection and based on an educational intention in the various actions and moments, including food, sleep and hygiene.

The Daycare’s Pedagogical proposal also includes a first contact with the English language, through music, providing the child, in a very pleasurable and fun way, with immersion in a different linguistic context and, thus, expanding their discovery of the world around them.


The Daycare pedagogical dynamic includes:

  •  Artistic Expressions (Plastic, Musical, Dramatic…)
  •  Motor Expression
  •  Weekly playful-expressive workshops