Nursery and Daycare

At Colégio Saint Daniel Brottier, children live quality times, which allows them to grow well and happily in a harmonious environment, promoting their development. The Daycare in the place where we support children’s entry into the social world in which they live, exploring and (re)producing authentic social products and processes. The experineces appear in context and with meaning, respecting the interests and rhythms of each child.

The Daycare in organized into three age groups: a Nursery (from 4 to 12 months); two 1 Year Old rooms (from 12 to 24 months); and two 2 Years Old rooms (from 24 to 36 months).

At our School, life at the Daycre takes place in a dynamic of interaction, in which children’s initiatives and adult/educator’s proposals are articulated. Playing is always the privileged way to promote the relationship between the childrens and also the adults, facilitating the development of personal and social skills, with a view to a progressive mastery of all their abilities.

In this sense, we do not divide their time in the Daycare between the time of activities and routines, as traditionally happens. We know that very young children develop much better in affectionate contexts that are attentive to their needs and, therefore, we put educational intentionality in all our actions and moments, promoting: A personalizes attention to the physical and psychological needs of each child; close personal relationships based on affection and trust; a safe, healthy and development-friendly environment; opportunities for interaction and freedom of exploration with all their senses.

Because happy children grow bigger and better!


The Daycare pedagogical dynamic includes:

  •  Artistic Expressions (Plastic, Musical, Dramatic…)
  •  Motor Expression
  •  Weekly playful-expressive workshops