Father Daniel Brottier was born in Blois, France, on September 7, 1876. In 1899 he was ordained a Priest in his Diocese, and after joining the Congregation of the Fathers of the Holy Spirit, he left as a Missionary for Africa, S. Luis do Senegal, in 1903, devoting his intire apostuled to the youth of Africa.

During the First World War he enlisted as a Chaplain. His dedication and courage in colleting the wounded, trating them and carrying them on his back to the rear, between the lines of fire, earned him a praise of the Legendary Chaplain. In four years of war on the front lines he did not suffer a single wound.

Great devotee of Santa Teresinha, to whom he attributed protection from all dangers during the War, it was to her that he confided all his thoughts and concerns.

In 1923, he became director of the Casa dos Órfãos Aprendizes de Auteuil, for abandoned children, becoming known as the “Father of Orphans”. To this work he dedicated the last thirteen years of his life. As a natural kind educator, he managed to shelter abour fourteen hundred needy and abandoned children, without ever letting go of anyone who knocked on his door!

Always focused on the “poor” and “the little ones”, from Senegal to Auteuil, Father Brottier’s entire life was animated by a Faith that swept away yhe most insurmountable obstacles. A Faith that motivated all his projects on behalf of the most disadvantaged!

He died on February 28, 1936.

Father Daniel Brottier was beatified by Pope John Paul II on November 25, 1984, after his body was found intact as it was on the day of his burrial.