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Colégio Saint Daniel Brottier is a private education
institution starting in the nursery up until 6th grade

Colégio Saint Daniel Brottier is a private education institution that offers services os Nursery, Pre-School, 1st and 2nd Cycles of Basic Education, with the mission of promoting the cognitive, personal and social development of children up until the last stage of their childhood.

With a social constructivist pedagogical model inspired by the Modern School Movement, CSDB presents itself as an educational project that responds to the learning challenges of the 21st century: students are encouraged to ask questions, to discover, to build, to compare, to dialogue, to analyze and to experience the very process of construction of knowledge, through project works that are cooperative and interdisciplinar.

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Colégio Saint Daniel Brottier’s educational project

A pedagogical model for the 21st century

Based on a personalized pedagogical relationship with the fundamental principle of looking, loving and knowing each child and accompanying them to enhance their potential and a real pedagogical differentiation, with an educational action focused on the differentiated work of each student and not on expositor teaching.

Our educational model also favors mastery of the english language, with daily english classes, preparing students for today’s world that is global, intercultural and internationally mobile.

For more details about this model, read our Educational Project.

Diferenciação Pedagógica
Relação Pedagógica Personalizada
Personalized pedagogical
Tempo de estudo Autónomo Diário
Daily autonomous
study time
Contextualização das Aprendizagens
of learning
Conselho Semanal
Comunicação do Conhecimento
Balanço do Dia
of the day:
Inglês Diário

Educational Area of Saint Daniel Brottier College

Nursery and Daycare

At Colégio Saint Daniel Brottier, children live quality times, which allows them to grow well and happily.


Pre-school education, also known as Kindergarten, corresponds to the “first stage (…) of the lifelong education process”....

1st Cycle

1st Cycle of basic education – 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th years of schooling.

2nd Cycle

Colégio Saint Daniel Brottier presents and educational offer of the 2nd Cycle of Basic Education (5th and 6th years of schooling)

Our Agenda

june, 2024

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