Pre-school education, also known as Kindergarten, corresponds to the “first stage (…) of the lifelong education process”, a path of discovery and learning that begins at 3 years of age and ends at 5/6 years old eith entry into the 1st cycle of basic education (Law Nº 5/97, February 10).

In the CSDB Kindergarten we provide pedagogical dynamics that promote the child’s autonomy, participation, motivation and predisposition for discovery and learning, recognizing and respecting the individuality of each one and promoting na environment where children feel valued, cherished, challenged and happy.

We privilegie the values and practices underlying the Modern School Movement, which assumes project work as a methodology and way of guiding the teaching-learning process. In this environment, children and adults work together developing Dynamics and contexts rich in knowledge and moral values, privileging the interactions and sharing the arise from the children themselves, from which a social construction of learning in promoted.

Curricular Guidelines