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Condições de Admissão

Admission of students requires the following procedures:

Completion of the APPLICATION FORM in the year in which the student is intended to be admitted;

An interview with the Parents / Guardian from the 1st cycle and, when requested, with the candidate child;

Delivery of the last assessment for candidates from the 2nd year of the 1st Cycle.

Admission is dependent on the existence of a vacancy and the results contained in points 2. and 3. above, in compliance with the following priorities:

Brothers of current students of the College;

Children of employees, in order of seniority;

Candidates in order of pre-registration.

Formulário de Candidatura

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Documentos para Matrícula

  • Citizen Card/ Student identification document;
  • Citizen’s Card/Parents’ Identification Document;
  • Updated Vaccine Bulletin
  • Passport photography.
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